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Free Logistics, Courier, Cargo Tracking Software


Tracking Visibility Value

Visibility of the shipment, package or cargo is a key requirement to every customer and with WPCargo’s real-time tracking capabilities, your customers will feel secure and confident as they can access and be aware of the shipment information anytime. WPCargo gives you and your customer a comprehensive monitoring of your shipping activity 24/7.


Free, Easy & Simple Web-based Tracking Software

WPCargo is totally free and has integrated a system that provides a simple, effective tracking solutions and productive operations.

This system is quick and reliable. It stores significant data to the web tracking module in bulk and volume by simply saving in CSV format and import to the system. This sufficiently reduces the margin of error in your business as well as the need for labor-intense workflows.


Customizable Tracking Details

WPCargo allows you to track your shipments using a customized tracking result. You can add your logo, personalized the page headings, colors, fonts that matches the look of your business brand. Customization also extends to the online tracking functions to meet the specific needs of the customers.

Who Can Use

WPCargo Free Logistics Software

Courier Company

Cargo Company

Any Logistics

Shipping Company

Freight Company



Electronic Proof of Delivery

WPCargo provides digital signature tracking confirmation for parcel, package and shipment delivery.


Custom field Manager

Can add unlimited data in your shipment details.


Import/Export Add-ons

Allows you to Import/Export your shipments or to make backups. Requires WPCargo plugin to work.


Client Accounts Add-ons

Clients can view all there shipments at the front-end and easy to add a user at the back-end.


Shipment History Add-ons

Add a shipment History details on your shipments. Requires WPCargo plugin to work.


Multiple Packages

Allow users to add more packages and package details (width, height, length, weight ) in one shipment and one tracking number.

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